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Koen Vissers
3D Artist [ B.Sc. ]
and senior Graphic Designer
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Recap of the first 2 weeks

14 June 2022

Here is my honest conclusion for the first two weeks of self-employment!

The first week was jam-packed with exciting projects and fresh experiences. I had a lot of work to accomplish. Now in the second week, it’s not as much, but that’s ok since I have more jobs waiting for me… yet there’s still a sense of uneasiness. Bills, health insurance, and food must all be paid for, and this is where the difficulty lies: no sales, no money! But I have all I need for this month, which pushes me to keep going. After all, no master dropped from the sky, and the first two weeks have gone better than imagined!

On the second day of my independence, I interviewed for a one-year Atelier-Stipendium at Ravensburg’s Werkhalle! The Werkhalle is brimming with the expertise of two dozen self-employed individuals who work in Design, illustration, architecture, and other creative sectors. Everyone was really kind to me. I’m looking forward to moving into my new office on June 20th and starting work with my new coworkers.

The project I’m showing you here was for a fundraising event for the organization SamaraCare.
The money was raised for their Mental Health Access Program, which subsidizes fees in order to assist men, women, and families who are facing financial difficulties in receiving the services they require to be successful.

My assignment was to animate a Koi Pond and provide it as a loopable clip. This video was then projected onto the floor in the middle of the stalls using a beamer. According to my customer, the clip was the highlight of the evening.

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