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Koen Vissers
3D Generalist [ B.Sc. ]
and Graphic Designer
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Premiere Pro
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My Journey

Recap of the first 2 weeks
Recap of the first 2 weeks

Here is my honest conclusion for the first two weeks of self-employment! The first week was jam-packed with exciting projects…

The – BIG – Day
1 June 2022 / Milestone
The – BIG – Day

Yes Folks… As of today, I’m officially my own boss, running my own modest business! I’m incredibly proud, eager, frightened,…

20 May 2022 / Milestone
Last Day of Work as an Employee

My last day of work as an employee. Now I have one week left for all the preparations and then…

13 May 2022 / Milestone
I got my sales tax number from the tax office

Yes, I know – it doesn’t sound like much! But for me it’s a big deal since now I can…

Website Live
11 May 2022 / Milestone
Website Live

koen.work is live After several weeks of struggling through HTML, JS, CSS, my new website is finally online. Fortunately, a…

28 April 2022 / Milestone
The big Day

The registration of my sole proprietorship at the tax office It’s Done! It’s finally done! I DID IT! A long-held…

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